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Samsung starts selling 55-inch curved OLED TVs in Korea

The world’s biggest TV manufacturer has announced that it will start selling 55-inch curved OLED TVs in Korea.


LG has already begun sales of its curved OLED TV sets earlier this year, and now Samsung is doing the same. Its 55-inch UHD (ultra-high definition) curved OLED TV is set to go on sale in Korea for 15 million Korean won (around $13,000).

Kim Hyunsuk, a Samsung executive vice president said, “We have just introduced our first OLED TV and have to see consumer response to gauge overall market demand.

Samsung’s curved OLED TV has been crafted on what the manufacturer calls “Timeless Arena” design that eliminates any defective OLED pixels, which leads to a flawless picture quality. Also, the curved nature of the screen means that the viewing angles are always great no matter where you are sitting with relation to the screen. Samsung has mentioned that this curved screen offers a much more immersive TV experience.

OLED TVs also offer higher contrast, better image resolution as well as a faster response time. Samsung has also included features like Multi-View for the curved OLED TV, which allows viewers to watch two different TV shows at the same time thanks to the high response time and custom 3D glasses that deliver distinct audio streams to each viewer.

However, it looks like the OLED market is going to be a niche segment, at least for the next 2 years. Research firm DisplaySearch forecast global sales of 50,000 this year, with sales set to reach 7 million by 2016.

For now, Samsung is only offering 55-inch and 65-inch variants of the curved OLED TV, and has mentioned that it will not make a flat OLED TV this year.


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