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Samsung starts rolling out Gingerbread updates for Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab has been out on the market for a fairly long period time already, and needless to say it can be quite disheartening when the Korean OEM has been keeping its lips sealed as to whether its tablet will ever receive an upgrade path to a newer version of the Android operating system. As it turns out, consumers who have not sold their Galaxy Tabs out of frustration over the lack of an official statement regarding upgrade paths can thank their lucky stars, for Samsung has reportedly started rolling out an Android 2.3.3 firmware upgrade to selected Tab users.

While it is often accepted that having the latest firmware version for mobile telecommunication devices is important for productivity due to improvements in performance, stability and battery efficiency, many OEMs are understandably reluctant to provide such upgrades, either for commercial or practical reasons. However, good things often come to those who wait, and it seems that owners of Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablet are about to get a first-hand experience of what that saying means today, for it appears that Samsung has finally started to roll out the Android 2.3.3 firmware update to selected Galaxy Tabs today.

According to the xda-developers forums, it would seem that Samsung is pushing out the  Gingerbread 2.3.3 update for the Galaxy Tab to the Italian market first, although there is no mention of when the ROM will be made available for other countries yet. However, what we do know is that the update will not be delivered over the air; instead, users will have to download and perform the update through Samsung's own Kies software, where it should be identified with a firmware version of "P1000XXJPZ".

As for those who are complaining about the inconvenience of not being to download the new firmware in the form of an OTA update…well, you probably should be asking yourself whether the act downloading an upgrade image that weighs in at hefty 227MB over a 3G network connection is the smartest thing to do. Us? We will stick with Kies, thank you very much.

Source: Xda-developers

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