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Samsung starts mass production of 3GB RAM for smartphones

Samsung has started mass production of 3GB LPDDR3 RAM for mobile phones, built on a 20 nanometer process, and will be introducing it in devices in the second half of 2013.


Samsung has announced that it has put into motion the industry’s first mass production of 3GB LPDDR3 (low-power double data rate) RAM modules for mobile devices, built on a 20 nanometer process and with decreased thickness that will allow them to be used in smartphones without taking up any additional space.

Each module is made up of six 0.5GB chips stacked on top of each other in two sets, and connects to the processor through two symmetrical data transfer channels, which should theoretically result in quicker operation (each pin is capable of up to 2,133Mbps transfer speeds) . Since the chips are thinner, they’ll also leave more room for larger batteries. The increased capacity will allow users to enjoy faster multitasking (and also have more apps in the background than currently possible), Full HD video playback, and blazing fast data speeds thanks to full support for the LTE-A (LTE Advanced) standard that recently went live in South Korea.

Wondering when you’ll see 3GB of RAM arrive on smartphones? Well, according to Samsung the first devices will start arriving in the second half of this year, which makes it a surefire guarantee that the Galaxy Note III will feature an extra GB of RAM over its predecessor. Next year should see it become standard on high-end handsets, though we’ll hope Google is truly working on reducing memory consumption of Android with Key Lime Pie as has been rumored, or this trend of throwing faster hardware on the OS will continue in the foreseeable future.

Anyone excited at the prospect of seeing 3GB RAM in smartphones this year?

SourceSamsung Tomorrow

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