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Samsung SM-W750V ‘Huron’ stops by FCC en route to Verizon

Samsung’s Windows Phone comeback is nearly official, as the Verizon-bound SM-W750V (aka Huron) has recently picked up regulatory approval from the FCC.

Samsung Huron

What, just because Samsung and Google agreed to a ten-year cross-licensing deal, you thought the Koreans were going to put all their eggs in the Android basket? Not likely, as it’s always nice to have a safety net in case your primary focus suddenly goes south.

And since Tizen is almost certainly a thing of the past (was it ever anything else?), it seems logical for Samsung to keep WP close. Enter “Huron”, which Verizon will probably look to intro at around the same time as the oft-rumored Nokia Lumia Icon.

Recent reports clash as to SM-W750V’s exact specs and features, with tipsters hesitant to definitively call it a mid-ranger or high-ender, and sadly, the handheld’s FCC certification does little else but build the suspense.

Oh, well, at least we know for sure Verizon is going to get it, as the approval docs list CDMA and LTE support on bands 4 and 13, plus there appears to be NFC, Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi and global 3G connectivity on board.


Meanwhile, the schematics are in line with word from notorious leaker @evleaks, who suggested the “Huron” will essentially be a Windows Phone 8-running Galaxy S4. Too bad there’s no way to determine the dimensions, so both theories – the 4.3 and 5-inch – still stand.

My guesstimate? Assuming GFX Bench’s data is correct and the gizmo sports 720p resolution, not Full HD, it can’t possibly measure north of 4.5 inches. I mean, better to roll out a budget-conscious “mini” device and market the hell out of it than try to pass off a meager 5-inch HD slab of silicon as something else than a big fail, right?

Or maybe that’s Sammy’s intention, bury Windows Phone once and for all?

Source: FCC

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