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Samsung Singapore Introduces new mobile phones and projector


Samsung Singapore has announced four new mobile phones – OmniaPRO B7610, OmniaPRO B7330, OmniaLITE B7300 and Samsung CorbyTXT – and a pocket projector which would be available soon in stores.

Samsung Electronics has introduced its year-end lineup of gadgets for home, work and play across mobile phones and projectors. To cater to the needs of today’s highly-connected consumers, Samsung has introduced four new mobile phones which enable users on-the-go to enjoy greater versatility and freedom to stay connected. And for users who love to share their favourite videos and images wherever they go, the new Samsung P410M is the ideal portable projector with LED technology for superior display.

Samsung OmniaPRO B7610
Equipped with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the B7610 is designed to bring versatility and ease of use to its users.

It provides users with access to all their email accounts concurrently while viewing and editing their documents through the Microsoft Office Suite. Users can take in the sights and sounds of their travel adventures with the built-in 5-megapixel camera. The FM radio with RDS keeps users tuned in to the latest hits while the GPS function navigates them efficiently to their next destination. Users can also reminisce their holiday travels through viewing photos and videos on a 3.5 inch AMOLED display or use the TV-out function to showcase their adventures on television. The Samsung OmniaPRO B7610 will be available from mid-January.

Samsung OmniaPRO B7330
The OmniaPRO B7330 is equipped with an ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, and designed to allow users to type messages and edit word documents at a significantly faster pace.

With the high-speed connectivity via HSUPA 2.0 and HSDPA, users can access their emails or surf the Internet while working, editing and sharing their work documents on the Microsoft Office Suite. It also comes with a 2.62-inch display and measures a slim 10.8mm. The Samsung OmniaPRO B7330 is now available in Pearl Black at a recommended retail price of S$568 without contract.

Samsung OmniaLITE B7300
Just like the OmniaPRO Series, the OmniaLITE B7300 provides multiple-push email access, fast Internet browsing through HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the Microsoft Office Suite to allow users to edit and view work documents on-the-go. In addition, the B7300 is customisable with downloadable online widgets and it brings enhanced entertainment experiences with its 3D multimedia interface and high-quality video and audio support. Additional entertainment features include a 3-megapixel camera and FM radio with RDS. The Samsung OmniaLITE B7300 will be available from 21 November 2009 at a recommended retail price of S$598 without contract.

Samsung CorbyTXT
The CorbyTXT features a full QWERTY keyboard which allows users to send quick text messages with ease or stay in touch with their friends through instant messaging features on their phones. With a push of the quick launch button, youths can access key functions such as the camera, text message and media player with ease. In addition, the intuitive social media uploading function allows users to update their blogs and social networking sites quickly and easily. The Samsung CorbyTXT will be available at the end of the year in Jamaican Yellow at a recommended retail price of S$298 without contract.

Samsung P410M Pocket Projector
Small in size but big on delivery, the P410M uses LED lighting for projection, giving it an amazing lifespan of 30,000 hours, 10 times more than a halogen projector but with 90 per cent less energy usage. The projector gives users the freedom to enjoy a wide variety of music, picture and video files with its USB access, and a built-in multimedia player with stereo speakers. The Samsung P410M is now available in glossy black at a recommended retail price of S$1,099.

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