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Samsung sets “Premiere” London event for June 20, new Galaxy and Ativ devices incoming

Samsung has scheduled a mysterious "Premiere" event for June 20 in London. Several Galaxy and ATIV devices could be announced on that day, including the Galaxy S4 Mini, Active, Zoom and/or Mega. 

It looks like Christmas is coming a little early for tech geeks this year. And it won’t last just one day either. Instead, the “summer holidays” will kick off on June 10, with Apple’s WWDC conference, continue on the 11th with the Electronic Entertainment Expo and wrap up on the 20th, with “Samsung Premiere 2013”. And let’s not forget about Huawei’s grand P6 unveiling, scheduled for June 18.

But let’s back up a little and focus on the mystery “Samsung Premiere” event. This has been announced minutes ago on Samsung Mobile’s Twitter account, with “save the date” invites flying around the new media.

Scheduled for June 20 in London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre, the press conference will be underway at 7 PM BST. Of course, the event’s protagonists haven’t been unveiled yet, but we have a pretty good idea where to start guessing.

Seeing as there will be both Galaxy and ATIV devices showcased 24 days from now, chances are (part of) the spotlight will be on those oft-rumored new versions of the S4. The GS4 Mini is essentially confirmed, the Active is no longer a question mark either, while the only remaining doubts revolve around the S4 Zoom and Mega.

Remember, the Zoom is said to be an S4 Mini with a high-performance 16 MP rear camera, whereas the S4 Mega is a newer presence in the rumor mill, being likely an even bigger S4 with a Full HD panel.

That already sounds like an action-packed event, but one or several ATIV gadgets should be taking the London stage as well, so be ready for a long, long night (or morning in America). ATIV is the moniker used by Samsung for the company’s Windows-based product line, only I’m not quite ready to make any predictions here.

The first-gen ATIV S phone and ATIV Tab have been massive sales flops, so if you ask me, Sammy should better forget about Windows Phone, Win RT and Win 8 and cut their losses in these niches. But who knows, maybe they’ll bring a zippier and cheaper WP8-based handheld to the table.

Source: The Next Web

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