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Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV monitor review: As good as it looks

Like its TV siblings, the Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV monitor features Smart Hub, a menu system that allows users to connect, discover and enjoy a wide range of content. Users can search for movies, shows and videos via online services and across connected devices, browse the Web from your TV and access a wide variety of apps from Samsung Apps, though an Internet connection is necessary for this to work.

When you first turned on the monitor, it will prompt you to set up the monitor's connection to the network, which can be done either via a direct Ethernet LAN line at the rear or a Samsung wireless LAN adapter if your home is using a wireless network. The Samsung will also prompt you to auto-tune the monitor's channels via the antenna input, like how you would do on the TV. But if you are not going to browse TV channels on the monitor, you can just skip this part.

The Samsung Series 9 TA950 supports 3D viewing with the use of active-shutter 3D glasses that is provided with the unit. To activate the 3D viewing, go into the monitor's menu, Picture settings and then 3D mode. Besides turning to the 3D effect, you can also choose to display 3D Side-by-Side (left and right images overlapping each other) or Top-Bottom (top and bottom images overlapping each other). In addition, you can also set the depth as well as switch the left/right images. In order to view the content in 3D, make sure that the Lithium battery is inserted into the active-shutter 3D glasses and that the glasses are turned on. The monitor will prompt you when the 3D glasses have been detected.

For our tests, we displayed some high resolution images and playback some 1080p high definition YouTube videos and movie trailers such as "The Avengers" and "The Muppets", and the Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV monitor was ableto handle with no problem. Colors looked extremely vibrant and accurate while the overall image is sharp and crisp. However, we noted some slight blurring during fast moving videos, though it shouldn't spoil your viewing experience. (Note that the above pictures are only cropped to 1600 pixels in width and not edited).

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