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Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S4 Smartphones, in just 2 months

The Korean media reports that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 has sold 20 million units till date, and it just took 2 months to achieve this remarkable feat.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Recent reports that the Galaxy S4 isn’t doing too well at retail will be forgotten the moment you read this bit of news. The Korean media quoted Samsung’s CEO JK Shin that the company’s flagship Smartphone has sold over 20 million units, all in just 2 months. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 went on sale at the end of April. The company had previously declared over 10 million units sold at the end of May. Fast forward 1 month and the sales figures have doubled.

Comparing this to yesteryear’s flagship, the Galaxy S3 managed to cross the 20 million mark only after a full 100 days (more than 3 months), just pointing out how many times better the current flagship is doing in comparison. Well, even if sales start taking a toll now, the numerous other Galaxy S4 variants (Mini, Zoom, Active) should keep the numbers (and money) rolling.

Shin, President and Head of IT and Mobile Communication Division, holds Galaxy S4 phone during its launch at the Radio City Music Hall in New York

In the same time frame, Samsung managed to sell 500,000 units of the Galaxy S4 in their home country, Korea, before introducing the new Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced model powered by the new Snapdragon 800 chipset.

via iNews & YonhapNews

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