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Samsung reportedly eyeing flexible tablets with cheaper to implement stylus support

Samsung may not be doing great in the tablet world, where its otherwise aggressive presence is still overshadowed by Apple, but the future could hold a number of innovations and breakthroughs for the Koreans allowing them to boost sales numbers and profitability.

flexible tablet

For one thing, the Galaxy makers are tipped to precede Cupertino in tackling the larger than 10-inch tab niche, thanks to a Note 12.2 that’s all but confirmed at this point. And with CES and MWC around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for Samsung to take the wraps off the beast before Apple gets a chance to unveil the iPad Pro.

It’s hard to believe a jumbo-sized Note, even with a keyboard dock and top-shelf specs, will revolutionize the slate landscape as we know it, yet the 12-incher has to be viewed as a (baby) step towards something bigger. Figuratively speaking.

What might that be? How about a not so outrageously priced tab rocking a flexible display? Sounds positively dreamy (and improbable), but it’s doable. According to fairly reliable sources out of Korea, Samsung is working to replace the indium tin oxide touch panels currently used on all its slates with metal mesh units.

Galaxy Note 10.1

The new tech should allow an easier integration of curved components, as it has low surface resistance, and, better yet, the use of stylus recognition support sans a digitizer sensor. Translation: it’ll cut costs and improve functionality and flexibility.

Bottom line, lower-priced 7-inch or larger Galaxy Notes with S Pen support and bendable displays may not be so far down the road. In fact, ET News suggests metal mesh touch screen panel testing is in finishing stages and so a 2014 debut is not out of the question.

Of course, truly flexible tabs are still a thing of a distant future, but at least we know strides are being made.

Sources: G For Games, ET News

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