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Samsung refutes claim that Galaxy S4’s chip is tweaked for benchmarks

The smartphone maker has denied claims made by AnandTech that its chips are tweaked to get better benchmark scores.


The Galaxy S4’s GPU does not clock itself higher when benchmarks are being run to boost the phone’s score, Samsung says.

AnandTech reported on Tuesday that the S4 runs its GPU at 533MHz instead of 480 MHz during benchmarks, giving the phone’s scores a 11 percent boost.

“[We] did not use a specific tool on purpose to achieve higher benchmark scores,” Samsung posted on Samsung Tomorrow. “Under normal conditions, the Galaxy S4 operates up to 533MHz at its best performance.”

Samsung claims that some full screen apps like the camera, browser, video player, or benchmarking tools can draw on extra power from the phone and are allowed to use the full clock speed for “best performance”. The company notes that many games don’t require the maximum clock speed available in order to run at an acceptable level.

Samsung did not mention the claim from AnandTech that AnTuTu, Linpack, Benchmark Pi and GLBenchmark 2.5.1 are hard coded to produce higher than expected results.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean, Google Translated)

Via: The Verge

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