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Samsung Mobile Unpacked in Barcelona

Samsung Wave

Samsung held their Mobile Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain and unveiled their latest flagship phone, the Samsung Wave. Equipped with a 1GHz processor and 3.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, the Samsung Wave is the company’s first mobile phone with Bada platform.

The annual four-day Mobile World Congress (MWC) begins this Monday, though some manufacturers including Samsung are going to announce on the eve of the hugely-anticipated convention.

Tonight, at Barcelona, the Korean maker will be unveiling their new phones for 2010. However, it seems funny that the advertisement for one of the embargoed phones is already in place at the Barcelona airport. (Probably a marketing tactic to gain interest of travellers who are travelling in and attending MWC).

The advertisement is of the new Samsung Wave phone, but that’s all one can see for now. Stay tuned tonight on the coverage for Samsung Mobile Unpacked!

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