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Samsung-made Google Glass rival tipped for IFA 2014 intro as ‘Galaxy Glass’

Never one to stand idly by as others try to build new tech niches and promote quirky, futuristic concepts, Samsung is said to be working on a Google Glass competitor tentatively (and predictably) called Galaxy Glass.


As Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s first high-stakes stab at wearable devices, has undoubtedly failed miserably to live up to its potential and hype, you’d think the Koreans would at least show a bit of prudency or reluctance towards further investing in development of the risky market.

Instead, not only are they committed to delivering one or several Gear sequels by the end of the year, accompanying the Galaxy S5 and/or Note 4, but also basically taking things to the next level by rolling out a Galaxy-branded accessory for your face.

According to The Korea Times, which claims to get its scoop straight from the horse’s mouth (i.e. unnamed Samsung officials), the Galaxy Glass (so not Gear Glass) may see daylight as early as September, during the IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

The event should also introduce the world to Galaxy Note 3’s follow-up, so odds are that ultimately we’ll only see one new Gear smartwatch break cover in 2014, plus this Glass thingamajig.

Google Glass

Which apparently, won’t quite replicate the productivity and ease of use of Google Glass, requiring compatible smartphones to work and display alerts on a transparent and translucent lens, as well as allow users to take voice calls and listen to music without actually touching a handheld’s display. So again, we’re basically looking at a Galaxy Gear you can mount on your head.

But what about independently operable wearables? Hate to be a party pooper, but we may have to wait a little longer. The Samsung exec talking to Korea Times made it clear wearable devices “are kind of accessories”, so I guess real autonomy is out of the question for now.

On the bright side, making Galaxy Glass a tad more rudimentary should help keep the price low, and maybe even appease the bloodthirsty authorities currently involved in what’s starting to feel like a genuine cutting edge tech witch-hunt.

Source: Korea Times

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