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Samsung leaks upcoming Nexus smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich

Seems like the good folks over at Samsung were just not able to keep a secret in their excitement over the major changes that Google is reportedly bringing to the Android ecosystem in time. Apparently, the Korean electronics giant has essentially leaked just about every important aspect of an upcoming Nexus-branded smartphone, right down to the OS version and its availability. Way to go, Samsung.

Remember the news we posted some time back about how the next Nexus-branded smartphone will be named the Nexus Prime, and that Google will be supposedly abandoning its "one Nexus phone only" approach in favor of allowing a variety of OEMs to produce their own Nexus-branded smartphones as long as it conforms to a specific set of requirements? Well, thanks to Samsung and its Romanian Twitter account, we have got further information about that aforementioned Nexus-branded smartphone, right down to the operating system that it will be bundled with, and its expected availability on the market.

In case you are wondering what the tweet means, Samsung is claiming that the upcoming Nexus phone is likely to make its way onto the market for sale come end 2011, and that it will be pre-loaded with version 4.0 of the Android operating system, which is otherwise known by its mouth-watering name of Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, the fact that machine translations are not exactly the most reliable solutions to overcome the language barrier means that the possibility of a misunderstanding due to inaccurate translations is a distinct possibility. However, it is also the closest one can get to actually having an official word from Samsung about the availability of its upcoming Nexus-branded smartphone.

No information about the upcoming Nexus-branded smartphone's hardware has been revealed yet, though. However, if you are keen to find out what the rumour mill claims is the most possible hardware combination for the Nexus 3, you can head over to our previous story to do so.

Source: GizmoCrunch

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