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Samsung introduces new SENS-240 navigational tablet in Korea

To date, we have got tablets on the market that are capable of performing all kinds of tasks, such as making calls, performing general computing tasks, playing games and even serving as software equalizers for audio-related purposes. But to release a tablet that is specially designed for navigational purposes? That is exactly what Samsung has done with its new SENS-240 navigational tablet that has just been launched in Korea.

Everybody knows the drill: if you want the convenience of being able to perform general purpose computing tasks while on the move, you go for a device such as a smartphone or a tablet. On the other hand, if you only want a device to perform a very specific task, you get a specialized gadget that does its designated task properly. However, leave it to Samsung to do what no other OEM has done: to release a tablet device that, instead of being the general purpose device it is intended to be, is designed to serve only one purpose: navigation. Such is the nature of Samsung's new SENS-240 navigational tablet, which was reportedly launched in Korea today.

According to a report published by Akihabara News, the SENS-240 is more of a hybrid tablet than a full-fledged navigational device in that it is designed to be operated alongside Samsung's Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Apparently, when paired together via Bluetooth, the SENS-240 is reportedly capable of serving as an external display for the paired smartphone or tablet, in addition to it still fulfilling its primary role as a navigational tool.

In addition, Akihabara News also claims that the SENS-240 is powered by a powerful 1.43GHz CPU (manufactured by Samsung, no less) that is capable of displaying 3D Maps as well as handling playback of media files. Furthermore, the device features a seven-inch display which sports a native resolution of 800×480, 256MB of RAM, a USB 2.0 Host and an SD Card slot. Last but definitely not least, Samsung claims that the SENS-240 can be remotely controlled by its Android-powered smartphones and tablets, although we really should point out that drivers would be better off keeping their hands on the steering wheel and not on their digital toys when driving on the roads.

Source: Akihabara News

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