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Samsung has designed a new mini player



Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has created a new mini mp3 player, that looks like a portable version of the Galaxy S III.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has created a new mini mp3 player. The Samsung MP3 player W1 is an ultra-light mp3 player weighing only 13.7g.

The Samsung W1 player style matches that of  the Galaxy S III. Like the Galaxy S III, it comes in two styles — marble blue or marble white. The player provides a comfortable grip and portability. Consumers who enjoy outdoor activities will appreciate that it can be clipped on easily for convenient wear when hiking, cycling, or jogging.

The W1 offers rich sound and Samsung’s proprietary “Sound Alive”, which is a bass boost function to enhance the bass tones in music.  Unlike other mp3 players no dedicated cable is needed to move songs onto the device. Instead users can share music files seamlessly between the Samsung GALAXY S III and the W1 with hassle-free drag and drop using the phone connector.

Ergonomically designed, the W1 mp3 player allows easy fingertip access songs when on-the-go. It holds 4 gigabytes, which allows for approximately 1,000 songs to be stored on the device.  Songs can be stored and played in a variety of formats, including mp3, wma, and ogg.

Samsung MP3 Player (YP-W1) W1 is selling at 79,000 won (71 U.S.D).

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