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‘Slimmer’ Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom to carry 20 MP cam, 4.8-inch display

Expected out in May at the latest, Samsung’s follow-up for the mostly forgettable Galaxy S4 zoom is shaping up to be a much “better thought out” cross between a conventional smartphone and point-and-shoot camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

While the whole wide world is waiting to see the “standard” Galaxy S5 actually start selling, its creators are quietly working on a number of S5-branded versions targeted at specific little pieces of today’s mobile market.

There’s the wealthy-aimed GS5 Prime, an S5 Neo for people looking to save a few bucks, the compact S5 mini, and finally the camera-centric Galaxy S5 zoom. Does that last one tickle your fancy and capture your imagination? Well, dear photo buffs, it’s time to rejoice, as a Polish website suggests your go-to next Android camera phone will be a drastic upgrade over its predecessor.

According to an allegedly reliable informant who scribbled his scoop on a piece of paper (so retro), the S5 zoom is slimmer, thinner and has a lens better tucked in its casing. You know, to look like an actual gadget, not something Dr. Frankenstein would have come up with after sewing together parts from two different gizmos.


But of course, Samsung can’t just overhaul the design and call the new device new. Instead, the OEM reportedly plans to bump up the snapper’s megapixel count to 20, the display size to 4.8 inches, and the screen resolution to HD, aka 1,280 x 720 pixels.

Also, a punchier 1.6 GHz quad-core chip should handle the performance business, aided by 2 comfortable gigs of RAM. Need a regular chocolate fix to keep you perky and active? Fret not, as the Galaxy S5 zoom will run Android 4.4 KitKat out the box.

That’s all fine and dandy, yet a 20 MP camera sounds like a featherweight compared to Nokia’s PureView beasts. Granted, it’s got a Xenon flash, 10x optical zoom and optical image stabilization too, however it still feels slightly underwhelming. Doesn’t it?

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