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Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-registrations blow up as various price hints surface

Early interest in Samsung’s freshly unveiled Galaxy S5 seems to be almost abnormally high, according to a T-Mobile exec, while pricing remains a puzzle, but one that’s getting increasingly easier to solve.


Who said the Galaxy S5 is a dire disappointment? More of the same, anyone? A shoddy rehash rather than a “next big thing”, maybe? Well, you might want to think again, as Mike Sievert, T-Mobile USA’s Chief Marketing Officer, took to Twitter a few hours ago to boast about “record” pre-registrations.

Apparently, over 100,000 people publicly declared their interest in the water-protected, fingerprint sensor-toting Android in a measly 48 hours through T-Mo’s website, prompting Sievert to anticipate “this (i.e. the commercial release) is gonna be big”.

It certainly sounds like it, though keep in mind these are mere pre-registrations, not actual pre-orders, so no one paid anything, or even committed to pay anything. They just signed up for news and updates.

Talking of key updates in GS5’s road to world fame, let’s mention we’re starting to narrow down the phone’s possible price range. Mind you, that’s all we can offer right now, as mum’s the word via the company’s officials.

Galaxy S5 T-Mobile

One very useful hint has emerged thanks to a US sweepstakes organized by Samsung, as part of which you can win a Galaxy S5 a day between now and March 19. In the “prize details” section of the rulebook, the ARV (approximate retail value) of the S5 is listed in black and white at $700.

Case solved? Not so fast. After all, this is an early approximation. Also, it looks like T-Mobile may have inadvertently spilled the beans, listing for a short while the 5.1 incher at $672 “full retail price”. Glitch? Typo? Maybe. But it could be legit.

Finally, Korean online publication ZD Net brings the best, most optimistic news of all, reiterating an older rumor of the Galaxy S5 possibly costing less than the Galaxy S4 and Sony’s Xperia Z2. It’s unclear though if they’re referring to on-contract or outright pricing. The former would slate the S5 at around $150, and the latter at roughly $600. Fingers crossed for both, eh?

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