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Samsung Galaxy S5 now rumored to break cover on February 23, roll out by end of April

Debunking recent rumors that called for a Samsung Galaxy S5 March intro, a reputable Russian journalist has tweeted “the next big thing” is now expected out in time for February’s Mobile World Congress.


Quick, how many different dates and timelines speculated for Galaxy S5’s announcement of late can you remember with your eyes closed? I have January, mid-February, February-end, “between March and April”, mid-March and late April.

Basically, whenever the big guy will go official, someone somewhere is going to say “heh, I told you so”. But truth be told, most of these tipsters, self-proclaimed “moles” and pundits either took (more or less educated) guesses, or intentionally misled the media.

Until earlier today, when Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review laid all the cards on the table by tweeting the following: “Samsung Galaxy S5 launch – 18.00. Barcelona. 23 February. Price the same. Launch – end of April. Specs – u know them. New Touchwiz.”

Now, the first rule of Fight Rumor Club is of course never, ever trust anyone, regardless of their reputation and track record. After all, even the mighty @evleaks has a few blemishes on his background. But assuming you want to believe someone and stop living in doubt, Murtazin is definitely your guy.

MWC Barcelona

Roughly 11 months ago, the Eastern European tech journo posted a similar tweet, pegging the S4 introduction for March 14, which “coincidentally” ended up the exact big date. So he had the right connections, let’s hope he was able to preserve them all this time, regardless of his constant “betrayals” and leaks.

As for the other details revealed aside from the ETA, we suspect the “u know them” specs part refers to what Sam Mobile “confirmed” with their sources not long ago, and the “new TouchWiz” is the Windows Phone-mimicking Magazine UX flaunted in those snazzy pics yesterday.

What about the venue? Well, Barcelona is where MWC takes place between February 24 and 27, so it makes sense for the S5 to debut around those parts.

Finally, “end of April” is two full months away from February 23, so the waiting would be longer and more painful than last year. But hopefully, it’s all for a good cause. Like the packing of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 CPU. Or the preparation of enough full-metal frames to go around.

Source: Twitter

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