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Samsung Galaxy S4 the fastest phone with the longest battery life according to UK consumer

 UK consumers seem to love Samsung’s new Galaxy S4, declaring it as the fastest Smartphone with the longest battery life.

Which Samsung Galaxy S4 UK consumers

A UK consumer research company “Which?” awarded the Samsung Galaxy S4 with two prestigious awards. According to the consumers, the Galaxy S4 is perceived to be not just the fastest Smartphone available, but also the one with the longest battery life.

“Which?” decided the results by running the popular Geekbench 2 benchmark (the same one on which the Apple iPhone 5 fares badly). While the HTC One, the closest competitor, scored 2798 points, the Galaxy S4 blazed past all of the competition with a score of 3188.

Samsung Galaxy S4 fastest smartphone

The company from the UK used its internal phone network simulator (that maintains a constant signal strength at all times) to calculate the various battery longevity related scores. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 aced the tests and won the Gold prize for the phone with the best ‘Internet use’ and ‘Call time’ scores. It came in third in the ‘Charging time’ benchmark, where the Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 pulled ahead (well, the S4 does have a far bigger 2600 mAh battery).

Check out the cool infographic by “Which?” portraying their research results:

Samsung Galaxy S4 best battery life

Source: Which? via 9to5Google

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