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Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 to get Android 4.4 updates in January, GS3 and Note 2 by April

According to an alleged Samsung internal roadmap leaked to the press, the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are to unsurprisingly score Android 4.4 updates the first in the company’s line-up, sometime in January 2014, followed soon after by the S3 and Note 2.


Usually very open, albeit not always honest and assertive, about software upgrade plans, Samsung has allowed HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony to snatch the KitKat chocolaty spotlight, being suspiciously hush-hush even about timelines for high-end stars such as the GS4 and GNote 3.

To make matters worse, they’ve been forced to acknowledge the beloved OG Galaxy Nexus isn’t due for an official 4.4 KitKat bump, leaving many amateur tinkerers in tears.

Some have in the meantime rallied and opened a petition trying to bully Samsung and especially Google into reconsidering the policy that leaves devices older than 18 months in the dust software update-wise, though it’s unclear if their initiative will change anything.

Samsung Android 4.4

What’s becoming clear is the Galaxy makers aren’t planning to stand idly by while the competition sends out 4.4 OTAs left and right, with no less than four Samsung-made gizmos due for their own little Nestle-branded treats over the next months.

Of course, just because the GS4 model numbered GT-I9500 and Note 3 also known as SM-N900 (international models) are to take the leaps of faith next January, it doesn’t mean carrier-branded versions across the world will be exactly as lucky.

That goes double for the GS3 and Note 2, bound to have a KitKat taste as early as March, yet unlikely to spread globally until at least early summer. All in all, is this good or bad news? Let’s say it’s normal news. Provided it’s legit, as the intel comes from a fairly obscure source, and given Samsung will be capable of meeting the deadlines… for once.

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