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Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial features dancing ninjas, a goat and… delicious apples [video]

It’s definitely not unusual to see Samsung yanking Apple’s chain (or the other way around) on primetime TV, but when it involves dancing ninjas and a goat… you have to assume something went wrong.

Galaxy S4

The latest Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial, which aired in Iceland (of all places), starts off intriguingly. You have ominous music and a blonde dude (it’s Iceland, remember) on an isolated shoreline. The perfect décor to leave your creativity go wild, but where do you draw the line between wild and crazy?

What line? There are no lines for Samsung when it comes to marketing. Which is why it’s not so bizarre to see blondie there trying to make a call on an apple (erm, you know, the fruit). Not the cleverest of digs oriented at the competition, but not the cheapest either.

But what’s that? Could it be a Galaxy S4? It is, it is, and all balance is restored. For a split second, until everything goes nuts. I’d rather not describe everything that goes down in the second part of the video, simply because… it’s batshit crazy. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourselves.

All done? Now, did anyone get how in the hell is this a commercial for the Galaxy S4? How will it make just one guy (or gal) want to buy the phone? ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but all I’m in a mood for after checking it out is a delicious piece of fruit. What is Samsung thinking?

Via [Android Beat]

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