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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active gets priced in Netherlands, could hit UK on July 1

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung may have decided to finally stop the rumor mill and make the highly anticipated Galaxy S4 Active official, but the pricing and availability details were kept to a minimum during the rugged 5-incher’s formal intro.

Fortunately, mere 48 hours after S4 Active’s announcement, the pieces of this new puzzle are starting to fall into place. On one hand, we have the first sort of official price point coming in from Netherlands, while on the other there’s increasing word of a UK launch date.

It’s not all good news though, because apparently the Active will cost a whopping €649 ($859) in the land of tulips. That’s around €25 more than what the original S4 goes for around those parts, which doesn’t sound right, does it?

Sure enough, €649 will be the phone’s recommended retail price, meaning certain sellers will likely go as low as €600. Chances are that’s going to be S4 Active’s price tag in most other European countries as well, at least in those that use the same currency.

The second part of our report is the more promising one, as it appears Great Britain is bound to receive Samsung’s newest handheld come July 1. We already know Sammy is planning to make the thing available in the US and Sweden first, so one can only assume the two countries are to see the S4 Active on store shelves by the end of June.

There’s still no official word on an American price point, but our best guess at this time is it will start at around $600 outright and $150-$200 with contracts. Remember, we’ve seen the Active carrying AT&T’s logo not long ago, so there’s a good shot Ma Bell will have exclusivity over the device in the States.

But enough with the guessing game for now and let’s just have a little extra patience, shall we?

Via [Unwired View] and [Trusted Reviews]

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