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Samsung Galaxy S IV dethrones LG to take Consumer Reports’ top pick

The LG Optimus G is dethroned, stepping down to make way for the new king of smartphones as Consumer Reports have crowned Samsung’s latest flagship as their top pick.

Among some of the reasons why Consumer Reports decided to pick the GS4 as their top handset were: (1) the phone “has an excellent 5-inch, high-definition (1080p) touch display,” (2) it has “oodles of gestures and sensor-based tools,” (3) the GS4 allows users to run two apps simultaneously, and (4) the built-in IR blaster is a nice touch for “couch potatoes.”

Various outlets have concluded that the GS4 is a very good device, but they have also agreed that the phone’s ‘plasticky’ feel knocked off a few points.  Regardless of what reviewers seem to think, Samsung is still on track to sell millions of GS4 within the next few months.  Some analysts even predict that the South Korea-based Samsung will sell over 100 million units. 

The GS4’s popularity is something that we can’t question, as Google will, too, begin distributing its own version of the GS4 running stock Android.

Source: consumer reports via android community

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