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Samsung Galaxy Note III may sport unibody and aluminum construction

Sources are reporting that Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Note will boast a higher build quality that may step away from the traditional plastic design in favor of the much more “premium” feels using aluminum.

Most high-end mobile devices, especially smartphones, coming out of Samsung’s factories are constructed using mainly plastic materials.  Despite the raw power that’s provided by components under the plastic shells, many still seem to think that Samsung products lack the premium feel that is found in competing gadgets like the iPhone.

This may all change with the company’s upcoming Galaxy Note III device, as the highly popular phablet line may shift completely to an aluminum construction and possibly a unibody enclosure.

(The Note II is popular, but does it feel "cheap" in people's hand?)

There are no indications to show that Samsung’s use of plastic in various mobile devices is a turn off for consumers.  As a matter of fact, Samsung has been outselling all major competitors when it comes to smartphones.  The Galaxy S III, in particular, has been the company’s focal point as it has sold around 40 million units globally.

Still, there seems to be a focus on “build quality” and trend setters like Apple have heavily focused on delivering products that are unibody and aluminum in construction.

We’ve already gotten a glimpse at Samsung’s Galaxy S IV flagship, which still sports the plastic shell.  Moving forward, however, Samsung will likely adopt the premium trend for some, if not most, of its mobile products.


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