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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumor bonanza begins with 5.7-inch display speculation

It sounds like Samsung isn’t ready to change its ways only as far as Galaxy S build materials are concerned, with the forthcoming Galaxy Note 4 tipped to keep screen size in check instead of adding the traditional 0.2 inches to Note 3’s panel.


The Galaxy S5 is old news, the S5 Prime, as much as Sammy would like to think otherwise, an open book, and the Tab S pair also as transparent as glass, plus not that exciting to keep us talking. The Galaxy makers need a new hook in the rumor mill, and lucky for them, Note 4’s introduction is definitely nearing.

Set to take place at September’s IFA Berlin industrial exhibition, or prior to the show in August, the announcement will no doubt be preceded by a bundle of information spills, leaks and exposes. Some legit, some not so much.

And since it’s never too early to get a head start on speculation, I hereby declare the Galaxy Note 4 rumor season open. Intriguingly, the stage curtain raiser is particularly juicy and surprisingly believable, as GSM Arena claims to know the answer to the size riddle that would regularly keep us guessing for months.

Galaxy Note 4 display

Ready? It’s… 5.7 inches. Granted, it may sound far-fetched at first. After all, the first-gen Note was a 5.3 incher, its follow-up sported a 5.5-inch screen, and 2013’s GNote 3 a 5.7. Logically, we’d thus expect the Note 4 to increase the footprint to 5.9 inches.

Only Samsung has to draw the line somewhere, or else before we know it, we’ll all rock 10-inch “phones” and fitting man purses. Besides, there’s a strong possibility the Note 4 will inaugurate 3-sided YOUM flexible OLED display tech, in which case it can technically measure as much as its predecessor yet boost extra actual, usable screen real estate.

For the record, GSM Arena’s inside source also confirmed some routine Note 4 info, namely its model number (N910T) and internal codename (“Muscat”). The display’s predictable 2,560 x 1,440 pixel count too. Funny feeling – I can’t wait for summer to end and fall to begin.

Source: GSM Arena

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