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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 allegedly photographed in action, retail box also crops up

Samsung has been uncommonly competent at keeping its last few high-profile mobile devices hidden to the public eye leading up to their formal announcements, but the Galaxy Note 4’s cover may have been blown three full weeks ahead of its scheduled debut.

Galaxy Note 4 box

It’s ironic, but it looks like one of the mobile industry’s most spectacular visual leaks in recent history is going down before rumor mongers can get used to the thought of not having @evleaks around anymore.

Even more ironic, the author of the massive, surprising, game-changing information spill wants to remain anonymous, not delivering the replacement hero we’re so feverishly expecting. That said, let’s dig in and put the purported Samsung Galaxy Note 4 under the microscope.

First off, since we’re dealing with an unidentified, unverified mole, the mistrust as to the photos’ legitimacy goes without saying. Yet clearly we’re looking at an unannounced, unreleased Samsung handheld which just happens to perfectly fit Note 4’s description.

Galaxy Note 4

Also, the pictures are fairly high-def and really hard to doctor. Worst case scenario, we’re dealing with one of multiple Note 4 pre-release prototypes, and the final design will look a tad different. It’s possible as well the actual gargantuan phablet is tucked inside a concealing protective case, although at a first glance, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

All skepticism aside, let’s assume this is the (final) real deal. Do we dig it? Yes and no. Yes, it’s handsomer than the Note 3, borrowing aesthetical elements from the upcoming Galaxy Alpha, metallic sides included. And yes, the faux leather rear cover is seemingly sturdier and “leatherier”.

But plastic again, Samsung? Have you really learned nothing from past mistakes? And where’s the wow factor? The je ne sais quoi to make one remember the Note 4. They say the devil is in the details, in which case the Galaxy makers aren’t in touch enough with their dark sides.

Galaxy Note 4 back

By the way, if you need extra proof, albeit circumstantial, that the images are authentic, another anonymous tipster (or maybe the same one) sent out a snapshot of an alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 retail box to multiple online publications.

The pic on the box closely resembles the smartphone caught on camera by that other source, apparently suggesting the floodgates are officially open, and visual Note 4 leaks are under an embargo no more. Bye, bye, surprise factor.

Source: GSM Arena

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