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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes first AnTuTu benchmark appearance with Android 4.3

Even if it's likely still a few months away from its official release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has allegedly been benchmarked already.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 out for only about eight months and the GS4 launched less than 30 days ago, the chances of seeing a third-gen GNote “phablet” released by the end of the summer are slim. Heck, it’s practically impossible.

But that can’t stop the rumor mill from already grinding like crazy on what Sammy might have up its sleeve for the Note 3, right?

Alleged specs of the device have been “leaked” by supposedly trustworthy sources several times in the past weeks, with the latest word around the block being the “next big thing” will sadly be “more of the same” design-wise while only slightly stepping things up in the hardware department.

On that note, we should probably not be awfully surprised to see the Note 3 scoring a modest 28,000 points in an AnTuTu benchmark. Granted, there’s no way to know if the test result is legit and the score is still better than GS4’s performance, but after seeing Xiaomi’s next flagship, the Mi3, topping 80,000 points, 28k sounds basically low-end.

Again, we should stress the benchmark is to be taken with caution, being very easy to be faked in theory, so don’t jump to apocalyptic conclusions just yet. Assuming it’s the real deal, the thing seems to reveal some of the Note 3’s specific specs, including the running of the unreleased next version of Android, 4.3, and the packing of a processor clocked at 1.6 GHz.

The CPU’s make and model naturally remain an enigma, but if it is to come clocked at just 1.6 GHz, it’s likely an Exynos 5 Octa. You know, the same processor that was supposed to be inside the Galaxy S4, but only ended up in certain versions of the 5-incher.

As a quick reminder, previous rumors had the Galaxy Note 3 (aka GT-N7200) pegged as a 6-incher with a Full HD panel, 2 gigs of RAM, 13 MP rear snapper and plastic build. The thing is likely to be unveiled sometime in August 2013 and start selling by the end of September.

Source: GSM Insider

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