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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 & Tab 2 get Jelly Bean update

Galaxy Note 10.1 and Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 2 owners who haven’t already tapped into the Jelly Bean experience via third party ROM can now update their devices to the official Samsung JB release.

The update will allow Galaxy Note 10.1 users to access Premium Suite, which is a collection of features that Samsung has thrown together to improve multitasking.  Users will be able to have a multi-window experience with cascade view, and pinning of applications so that they can run side by side.  Some novel features in the update include S Pen enhancements such as the ability to send hand-written emails, and assigning of command shortcuts to applications and services.

Galaxy Tab 2 users, however, won’t be getting the same updated functionalities as the Note 10.1, but an OS upgrade is better than none.  Samsung, unlike many other Android OEMs, actually shows interest in updating the software for their hardware a bit more often.

The JB update should offer improved performance over the previous Android OS.

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