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Samsung Galaxy Memo surfaces online: a shrunken Note with Full HD screen?

Whoa, where did this thing come from?!? And what exactly is it? Is it real or just a hoax? So many questions, just two photos and a short list of information that can’t really be verified for the time being.

Galaxy Memo

According to a “new tipster” of Sam Mobile, the pictured device that almost looks too good to be real is called Galaxy Memo. If you ask me, a better name would have been Galaxy Note Mini, as that’s probably how you can best describe the gadget. It apparently has S Pen support, so it’s a Note, and it’s smaller than both the first and second-gen “phablets”, hence the Mini.

The thing is, in terms of design, it looks more similar to the Galaxy S4 than any Note family member around, so maybe it’ll be marketed as the S4 Note. How awkward would that be?

Galaxy Memo-2

Oh, well, let’s run through the speculated specs of this “Galaxy Memo” to see if we have to get really psyched about it or just mildly enthusiastic. First off, the screen is tipped as a 4.5-inch TFT LCD unit with… Full HD resolution.

That would result in a pixel density of 489 ppi, which is not exciting, it’s downright mind-blowing. So far, so great therefore, but the 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU and 8 MP rear camera don’t sound so very hot. There will be 2 gigs of RAM however, plus Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (or above, I presume), so all in all the Memo might not exactly be a flagship device, but it should get close enough.

Okay, I’m ready to say it now. I can’t wait to see this in the flesh… if it exists. Who’s with me?

Via [Sam Mobile]

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