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Samsung demos 13.3″ 3200×1800 resolution panel at SID 2013

After news about LG preparing its new army of high resolution displays for SID 2013, Samsung acted first to show off its own high resolution 3200×1800 pixels 13.3 inch display.

Samsung has put on display a bevy of gorgeous upcoming displays at the SID 2013 event. First up is a 10.1 inch 2560×1600 resolution display that translates to an (almost 300) 299 PPI pixel density. Also on display is the Galaxy S4 4.99 inch Super AMOLED unit, which boasts of covering the widest color gamut of ever seen in a mobile display, covering 94% of the Adobe RGB color space.

One of the most exciting new panels is the 13.3 inch one, which boasts of a mind boggling 3200×1800 pixels resolution, beating the 227 PPI pixel density of Apple's retina MacBook Pro for a 276 PPI pixel density (highest we have ever seen). For now, Samsung has taken the highest pixel density crown for a 13.3 inch display, and comfortably so.

New display panels are not only about high resolution and pixel density. Samsung's new babies come loaded with the company's new power saving tricks that can deliver up to 30% greater power-savings than existing LCD panels. This is done by decreasing the number of driving circuits and increasing the efficiency of the LED back light unit. Such power-savings become necessary as displays pack increasingly higher resolutions, as such displays tend to consume more power than their older, lower resolution brothers. Samsung is also giving a demo of their 23 inch LCD display that can detect up to 10 touches simultaneously.

Source: Business Wire via HotHardware, TechReport

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