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Samsung Bada phones target 10 million in sales by 1H 2011

Samsung Wave

When Samsung Wave was first announced earlier this year, based on the company’s proprietary Bada open platform, many were skeptical about it. However, the sales figures speak otherwise. And the latest Samsung Wave II S8530 that is using the new Bada 1.2 has gotten favorable results.

Many were skeptical about the Samsung Wave that was running on the company’s Bada open platform when it was first launched. Not to mention, if one were to compare it to Apple and Android phones, Bada has got a lot of catching up to do especially when it comes to the number of apps a user can download and use. However, it looks like the Bada smartphones (with the launch of the Samsung Wave II S8530 in October in Singapore) have exceeded everyone’s expectation. As of end of November, the sales of Bada smartphones have exceeded five million.

In a recent developer conference, Samsung introduced the new Bada 2.0 platform and also announced its plan for the Bada smartphone next year. The company plans to break the 10 million sales figure by the first half of 2011. It would be a difficult task for Samsung if it were to rely on the current Bada 1.2, and therefore a newer version is necessary with improved features and performance. (Does this mean that Bada 2.0 update could get on the Samsung Wave and Wave II smartphones?)

Samsung’s smartphones have done well this year, especially the Galaxy-series. But to depend on Bada and Android platforms to exceed Nokia next year 2011 will still be an uphill task for the phone maker.

Source: imobile.com.cn

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