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Samsung announces new line of transparent LCD panels

Will it not be nice to be able to enjoy your digital content on an LCD panel that is so clear, it actually allows a user to see right through it? Apparently, Samsung seems to think so. Barely a couple of weeks after the Korean electronics giant showed off a notebook with an transparent AMOLED screen, Samsung is back to tease consumers with news about its new transparent LCD panel product line. So when will we start seeing monitors fitted with these drool-worthy panels?

Do you fancy owning an LCD monitor, notebook or television set that comes with a transparent display? Well, if you are interested in doing so, if only just to see how cool such a device will look like, you are in luck. This is because the idea of having such displays is no longer just a product of science fiction, as Samsung has just announced in a press release that it has already began full-scale production of the aforementioned panels; this makes the Korean electronics giant the industry's first supplier of such products.

According to the press release, production of the transparent LCD panels begin in early March. To date, the company has managed to produce two variants of its transparent panels: a monochrome version and a full-colour version. Both panels will only be available in a 22-inch form factor, will sport 16:10 aspect ratios and are capable of WSXGA resolutions (1680 x 1050) at a contrast ratio of 500 : 1.

Samsung plans to market the displays as being suitable for use in areas and environments where two-way communication is highly desired. This includes shop windows, billboards, schools and offices, although the company claims that it may consider utilizing these panels in common electronic devices such as mobile devices, GPS navigation systems and tablet PCs.

Last but definitely not least, the Korean electronics giant claims that its transparent LCD panels are also capable of consuming almost 90% lesser energy than conventional LCD panels due to its lack of a light source for backlighting purposes. Instead, it will take advantage of solar energy and ambient light sources to provide the illumination needed for easy reading of on-screen content. 

No information about the transparent LCD panels' mass-market availability has been released yet, so do check back for updates.

Source: Samsung Newsroom (Korea)

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