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Samsung announces new line of external hard disks with USB3.0 support

With the need to be mobile being greater than ever before, most of us have taken to storing our important data on removable storage devices such as external hard disks and flash drives, and for good reason. However, what happens what users start demanding even greater speeds in the process of transfering data from one's PC to an external storage device? The answer is simple: go the way of USB3.0. And this is exactly what Samsung has done for its latest M-series line of external hard disks

When it comes to PC accessories and pheripherals, the one thing which virtually all PC users cannot afford to go without today are the humble but vital tools known as external storage devices such as external hard disks and USB flash disks, and for good reason. After all, external storage devices such as the examples mentioned above are essential for transfering data from place to place in the absence of a wireless data connection, and the ability to always have a physical copy of one's digital content can mean the difference between meeting or missing a deadline for the busy professional.

With that in mind, the rapid advancements taking place in the technological field today also means that access to ultra high-speed data interfaces is no longer a luxury, but a neccessity. So how does one make the humble external storage device perform faster in order to keep up with the demands of today's digital worker? For Samsung (and many other manufacturers as well), the answer is simple; outfit those devices with the latest, fastest data connection interface possible. And in this case, the interface in question is USB3.0, which is now supported in Samsung's new line of M-series external hard disks.

According to the official press release issued by the Korean electronics giant, the new line of M-series hard disks will be available in both 2.5-inch and desktop-sized 3.5-inch form factors to cater to both the mobile and deskbound users who need a means of expanding the maximum storage capacity of their current machines.

The 2.5-inch versions of the new external hard disks, which will be sold under the M2 Portable branding, will feature what Samsung calls a simple and modern 'Scandinavian' design with a coating that is reportedly stain and fingerprint resistant. In addition, Samsung has confirmed in its press release that the M2 Portable hard disks will be sold in two capacities only (500GB and 1TB) and will come in four different colours for consumers to choose from, namely Brown Black, Noble beige, Grey Mist and Clay Orange.

On the other hand, the larger 3.5-inch external hard disks, otherwise known as the M3 Station, will be sold in two colours only (Brown Black and Moble Beige), and are said to come in only one capacity, which is that of a hulking 2TB.

In addition to the hardware, Samsung also claims that the new M-series line of external hard disks comes bundled with various tools such as a disk management program, Auto Backup programs and a 'Secret Zone' application which is supposedly tied to the management of the hardware-based Secure Erase function found in most hard disks today (but disabled at the BIOS level).

The new M-series of external hard disk are reportedly available for sale already; that being said, no information about the hard disks' prices has been revealed, so we will probably have to wait for that bit of information to be publicly announced once these hard disks show up for sale in sunny Singapore.

Source: Samsung Korea

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