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Russia’s Yandex trumps Microsoft’s Bing

Yandex, which is Russia's leading search engine, beat out Microsoft's Bing for the first time.  According to data released from the latest comScore qSearch, Yandex is now the 4th most used search engine taking in 2.8% of global searches ahead of #5 Bing at 2.5%.

Unlike Microsoft, Yandex does not sell software to the public and relies on advertising, yet somehow the Russian-owned Yandex was able to kick Bing out of its 4th place position by a few million searches.  Currently Microsoft’s search engine is ranked at 2.5% of the global search market, which is approximately 4.4 billion searches.

This latest data showing Bing searches dropping comes from a November and December 2012 data from comScore qSearchThe data clearly shows Yandex with 4.8444 billion of Bing’s 4.477 billion.  Google still reined as the supreme search engine with over 114 billion searches during that same time period.

The only search engine that beats out both Yandex and Bing is China-owned Baidu.  Baidu scores globally as the 2nd most used search engine, or 8.2 percent of the searches made.  Yahoo search comes in 3rd at 4.9% or just under 9 billion searches made worldwide.

It is not very hard to surmise what is happening here and may be quite unsettling news for Microsoft.  Yandex serves an audience that is predominately Russian speaking, while Microsoft generally serves an English speaking audience.  Yandex data also shows that it had approximately 61% of all searches in Russia in October 2012 along with nations like the Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Ukraine. 

Microsoft is trying hard to compete with their massive advertising campaign.  This along with all of their websites using Bing for all search queries, which include MSN, Hotmail and Windows Live, still doesn’t break that language barrier. As more and more countries become technologically advanced and create their own search engines, the locals will use their own technology in their own language.

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