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Runtastic brings GPS watch and fitness monitors to the US

Runtastic is a hugely successful app and now, the company is delving into complimentary hardware, bringing, among others, a GPS watch to the market.

Runtastic has 25 million mobile users and as such they are in the unique position to have both the incentive and resources for producing their own complimentary hardware. Now, they are bringing several pieces of exercise gear to the US market.

looks like business as usual, not that that's a bad thing


The initial lineup should come as a surprise to no one: Runtastic is releasing a GPS watch for $150, an app-friendly heart rate monitor for $70 and a speed sensor for $60, as well as a bike mount and an arm band. While perhaps mainly aimed Runtastic loyalists, they do promise a sense of harmony between hardware and software, and that is appealing.


The devices use Bluetooth and 5.3kHz technology to broadcast heart rate data straight to your app; and bikers will be able to measure elevation, speed, cadence position and distance via the speed sensor, which will also work via Bluetooth. Runtastic has also teamed up with PowerMusic to provide an in-app music player.

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