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[Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series Round-up

Following AMD’s press events this week, a flurry of information has leaked on to the internet. However, there are no confirmations as AMD have been adamant on getting everyone in attendance at these events to sign NDAs. This article will attempt to summarize the entire range of rumours/specifications for your convenience.

Some of the confirmed information is – 40nm, DirectX11, “Over 2 TFlops” processing power, “Over 2 billion transistors”. Cypress XT will be ATI Radeon HD 5870, Cypress Pro will be ATI Radeon HD 5850. No surprises. ATI has also demonstrated ATI Eyefinity – for which the NDA has expired– and detailed information is available across the web.

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Cypress is the performance GPU of the Evergreen family, the HD 5800 series. Cypress, manufactured on a 40nm TSMC process features 2.1 billion transistors occupying a ~338 mm2 die area. While this is larger than RV770, it is a reasonable size, comparable to the original G92. In other words, a 5x increase in theoretical processing power at the same die size in less than 24 months.

HD 5870

1600 SP / 80 TMU / 32 ROP
825-850 MHz core clock / 2.64-2.72 GFlops
1GB/2GB 1200-1300MHz GDDR5 on 256-bit / 152-166 GB/s memory bandwidth
~$399 (It is unknown whether this price point is for the 1GB or 2GB edition, but most rumours point to 1GB)
190W TDP, ~27W idle power, 8×6 pin connectors

HD 5850

1440 SP / 72 TMU / 32 ROP (18 of the 20 SIMD units enabled)
700-725 MHz core / 2.06 – 2.88 GFlops
1GB 1000-1050MHz GDDR5 on 256-bit / 127-133 GB/s memory bandwidth

Performance is expected to be very strong for both versions, with the HD 5870 ending up faster than the Geforce GTX 295. The HD 5850 is expected to get close as well; it will comfortably beat out the GTX 285. Fudzilla insists a 60% increase in performance over the 4800 series, but the 5870 may end up faster after all. The 5870 comes with a beefy looking cooler, which might indicate the card runs rather hot. The card ends up >10.5″ long, as long as the 4870 X2, and more than 1″ longer than the 4870.

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