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Rumour: Adobe to sue Apple soon?

Not much information is available, but it seems that Adobe is deciding to take Apple to the courts in an attempt to force it to allow cross-compilers for the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK.

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Even though Apple had been snipping away at Adobe’s heels for the longest of times already, Adobe had wisely chosen not to add additional fuel to the fire, mostly by remaining relatively quiet about the ongoing spat.

But it seems that Adobe’s patience had been wearing thin, and Apple’s decision to lock out cross-compilers for its iPhone OS 4.0 SDK, a move which many believe has the ulterior motive of making it difficult or impossible to develop cross-platform apps for Android and Windows Mobile at the same time, may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, because it has been heavily rumoured that Adobe is set to take legal action against Apple.

It is also worth noting that Adobe is not the only huge corporation affected by Apple’s decision: applications written in Microsoft’s .NET and Novell’s Mono (an open-source implementation of .NET and C#) will also be locked out due to the change in the licensing terms, which means that even Silverlight, which has been seen as a potential alternative to Flash, is also locked out of Apple’s mobile platform.

Unfortunately, the idea of a lawsuit is still nothing more than a rumour, but if anything, it’s a clear sign that the already ugly war between Adobe and Apple is only going to get even uglier.

Source: IT World via Electronista

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