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Rumors suggest a low-end smartphone from Meizu is imminent


Reports of a low-cost Meizu smartphone have apparently been confirmed on the Meizu official forums. A possible launch date and specs were mentioned in the report.

Meizu is a manufacturer that is well known for their Meizu MX line of devices which are very nicely designed and aimed at the high-end smartphone market. It looks like they may be branching out by releasing a low-cost phone in the very near future if these rumors are to be believed.

The purported device is supposedly going by the codename “Blue Charm” and is rumored to have the following specs:

  • 4” display with a resolution of 960 x 640
  • Dual-core Samsung Exynos CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8 megapixel rear camera

It’s also mentioned that the device looks similar to the Meizu MX2. This would be the Chinese manufacturers first attempt at a low-end smartphone which apparently has an expected price of 1399 Yuan (around $230) and an expected release date of June 13. The report also mentions something about the device being energy efficient as well, but with specs like those it’s hard to imagine a very power-hungry phone.


If these rumors are true, Meizu is yet another manufacturer who perhaps is now seeing value in attacking the low-end smartphone market, which seems to be a hot topic lately considering another smartphone giant is rumored to do the same (hint: there’s a fruit in the company’s name). June 13th is quite close by so it won’t be long before we know for sure.

Source: My Drivers Via: Gizchina

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