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Rumor: Nokia Lumia 1820 phone and 2020 8-inch tablet rolling out at MWC 2014

Nokia’s latest flagship smartphone and its first ever Lumia tablet are still hot off the press, but if we are to believe new rumors circulating around the web their sequels are not very far down the road.

Nokia Lumia 1820

Specifically, the Lumia 1820, rumored to follow on the footsteps of the 1520, and the Lumia 2020, the “mini me” version of the 2520, are said to show up for the first time in flesh and blood circuits as early as next February. Late February, that is, when the Mobile World Congress (MWC) will get a new exciting installment.

Before you even think it, let alone articulate it, no, February is not too soon for the duo to go official. After all, the Lumia 2020 is not set to be a 2520 follow-up per se, but rather a little something something to help Nokia increase its competitiveness in as many market niches as possible.

As for the 1820, chances are it’s going to look like an untimely Lumia 1520 sequel for the untrained eye, yet its intention should be to replace the 1020. Hence, it’ll rock a screen no larger than 5 inches (with Full HD resolution) and focus primarily on imaging capabilities, courtesy of a mysterious but undoubtedly remarkable Lytro-style main camera.


The only other detail “known” about the 1820 is that it’ll tout a metal unibody design, whereas the 2020 slate should pack Snapdragon 800 power and 1,080p resolution. That will of course give birth to a higher ppi panel than the 10-inch Lumia 2520, with another key difference being the 8-incher is expected to offer stylus support.

Sounds pretty awesome, however with no mention of the pre-loaded OS you should try to contain your excitement. You know, as Windows RT could spoil everything at the flick of a switch. Besides, all the “intel” comes via an unverified and unverifiable anonymous source, so the whole thing could be poppycock. Could it?

Source: Nokia Power User

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