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Rumor: Nokia discards ‘Illusionist’ (aka Lumia 2020) 8.3-inch tablet

Nokia’s alleged second tablet, known on the inside as the “Illusionist” and said to be ultimately branded as the Lumia 2020, has been purportedly canceled for mysterious reasons, according to fairly reliable sources.

Nokia Illusionist

The word comes from online publication My Nokia Blog and appears to be confirmed by notorious Twitter insider @evleaks too, so it may not be official, but it’s close enough.

Illusionist gossip first surfaced a couple of months back, sans many specifics, though it all escalated extremely quickly, with several reports pegging it as a diminutive Lumia 2520 rocking essentially the same specs and features, including a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU and Full HD screen.

The form factor wasn’t clear right off the bat, but speculation circled the 8 inch number, with 8.3 a prime suspect. Thus, pixel density was supposed to be even higher than on the 10-inch Lumia 2520, so it sure looked like Nokia had its eyes set on Apple’s iPad mini 2 when designing this thing.


On that note, it may come as a shocker Nokia just gave up on the Illusionist, probably after putting quite a bit of work in the project. Only if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. As Microsoft’s buyout approaches done deal status and Surface Mini rumors are still strong, going forward with Lumia 2020 plans would mean eyeing the release of two virtually identical products at around the same time.

And who would that ultimately hurt? Apple? Google? Not in the least. Microsoft? You bet. Therefore, as cynical as it might sound to throw away someone’s sweat and tears, if MS indeed pulled the plug on the Illusionist, it made the right business decision.

Now if only they’d apply a similar logic to the Surface Mini and decide to roll it out with pre-loaded Windows 8, not that RT crap flop.

Source: My Nokia Blog

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