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Rumor: Moto X landing on Verizon August 23, Droid Mini launching six days later

This August is shaping up to be a busy, busy month for America’s number one wireless communications service provider. Verizon will reportedly look to finally unveil its own version of the HTC One, plus its exclusive new Droid family members and the Moto X.


And while the exact launch dates of all these phones are still unclear officially, on the down low we have a pretty good picture of what to expect and when. Namely, rumor has it Big Red’s HTC One will see daylight on August 15, followed five days later by the Droid Ultra and Maxx.

Actually, August 20 is pretty much a confirmed ETA for the Ultra and Maxx, having been mentioned by Verizon officials last week. Meanwhile, for some reason that I can’t get my head around, the Droid Mini is apparently slated for a shipping start on the 29th of the month.

True, nine days is not such a long time to wait, but if the Droid Mini is to become a hit, it has to make its way to prospective buyers before the competition – Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini and the HTC One Mini.


Finally, if we are to trust Droid-Life’s confidential sources (which, between you and I, are usually correct), the Moto X will debut on August 23. That goes hand in hand with what other “insiders” claimed in the past, but it doesn’t necessarily mean all US mobile tech lovers will be forced to wait until then to get their hands on the X.

Unlike the rest of the new Motorola handhelds, the X is most certainly set to be carried by networks like AT&T and Sprint (maybe T-Mobile too) and those usually manage to arrive earlier than Verizon to fancy coming-of-age parties in the Android décor. But let’s wrap up the guessing game here for now and just wait and see. Remember, the Moto X is to be made official at long last later today.

Via [Droid-Life]

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