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Rumor: HTC working on array of high-end devices, including “updated” One and mystery M8

Since things are finally starting to look up for HTC financial-wise and the One is indeed selling like hotcakes (not Samsung hotcakes, but still), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Taiwanese are working on a very bold strategy for the near future.


Bold, but also possibly confusing for regular users, who will reportedly be treated to a number of HTC flagship phones in the next year or so. Aside from the One Max “phablet”, which is virtually confirmed already, there’s word of an “updated” One, coming later this year, plus two other high-enders landing in the first half of 2014.

That’s quite a lot to take in for your everyday tech aficionado, but it’s not like HTC’s competition (I’m looking at you, Samsung, Sony) is conducting business differently. Plus, we’ve pretty much grown accustomed to seeing the big kahunas of the mobile industry launch two top-notch devices each year and there’s only a small step to be made from there to four phones in 12 months.

Now, what exactly do we know about these upcoming HTC gadgets? Well, let’s take them one by one (no pun intended). First, there’s the One Max, which has been in the rumor mix for a while.


Second, there’s a so-called updated version of the One, which Pocket-Lint says will come packing Snapdragon 800 heat. Chances are this thing will target users that are yet to embrace the “phablet” fad, so the display size is likely to be between 4.7 and 5 inches.

Sounds like a One+ to me (a la last year’s One X+), but it remains to be seen if HTC has other improvements in the pipeline as well. Following this minor One upgrade, we should see the M8 (just a codename for now) landing sometime in spring of 2014.

This fellow will undoubtedly bring many improvements to the table, but right now we’re very slim on specifics. Last but not least, rumor has it HTC is looking into a plastic flagship too, something to resemble the One line, but also the Butterflies. Again, the specifics are blurry, but if the “premium” metal M8 is coming at around the same time as this, the plastic high-ender is unlikely to make its way to America. Oof, that all sounds like quite a ride!

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