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Rumor has it: Nexus 7 refresh to sport AUO-made LTPS display

According to a new Digitimes report, Google and Asus will be using LTPS panels made by AUO for the manufacturing of the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet, expected to be released in July. 

Here we go again. The last second-gen Nexus 7-related report is still not cold yet, having emerged less than 24 hours ago, but there’s already something new to add to the mix. Oh, if only we had a penny for every rumor concerning this soon to be unveiled budget-friendly tablet.

But we don’t, so let’s just focus on the news. According to Digitimes (who else?), the Nexus 7 follow-up will feature an LTPS screen manufactured by AU Optronics (AUO). First things first, let’s say that LTPS means low-temperature polycrystalline silicon.

According to PCMag’s definition of the term, that’s an active matrix LCD screen which is both faster and more integrated than panels with amorphous silicon substrates.

Sounds complicated, but if you want it put in layman’s terms (I know I do), it essentially means Google and Asus can narrow down the next N7’s bezels while saving up energy and space on the motherboard. Pretty neat, eh?

As for AUO, Google’s chosen suppliers of these LTPS displays, they probably ring a few bells, as they’re currently among the hottest TFT-LCD manufacturers in the world. Based in Taiwan, the company was founded in 2001 following the merger of Acer Display Technology and BenQ’s Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation.

AU Optronics have made panels for numerous high-profile Android manufacturers of late, including Samsung, LG or Acer, but also for Apple. Plus, rumor has it the Taiwanese will be handling screen orders for the iPad Mini 2, so, like I said, they’re sizzling hot.

Sadly, there’s not much else I can bring you on the second-gen Nexus 7 based on this new Digitimes report, save for further “confirmation” the tablet is to be unveiled in the next few weeks and made available by July. Oh, and also, it appears Google and Asus are currently forecasting the tab to be sold in around 8 million units during the whole of 2013.

Not too shabby, but not great either, considering a certain company by the name of Samsung has sold a certain phone called the Galaxy S4 in 10 million units in less than 30 days.

Source: Android Beat Via Digitimes

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