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RSS.com owner wants to sell domain for $200,000

The domain RSS.com is up for sale, and the initial asking price is not a $0.99 promotional rate—go figure.

Ron Sheridan, the domain’s owner, is currently seeking $200,000 for RSS.com.  Ever since news broke that Google plans on shutting down Reader, quite a few entities have been scrambling to pick up whatever the search giant is dropping—and by no mean is millions of users an insignificant thing.  Hence, Sheridan’s timing coincides with all the chatter running around about all the opportunities that are still exploitable within the RSS realm.

(Buy me, I'm worth the investment.)

When Sheridan first purchased the domain, he had plans to develop an RSS reading service, but his intentions didn’t fall through.  If there aren’t any takers for RSS.com, Sheridan wants to form a partnership with others to turn the site into something useful.

Like many startups seeking funds nowadays, if there is no exchange of hands with RSS.com, a Kickstarter campaign might be next in line.

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