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Roy Taylor, Ex-VP in NVIDIA and MasterImage 3D Joins Rightware

Today, Rightware announced that a former MasterImage 3D and NVIDIA executive joined the team in the position of Chief Sales Officer (CSO). The person that started NVIDIA’s push in Europe and won many deals for MasterImage 3D will push its future outside the hardware world – by expanding the 3D user interface to as many devices as possible.

If you ask any fan for any company, he or she will tell you that the most important asset of that company are the products, be that a mobile phone, graphics card or a Formula 1 team. However, should you ask the CEO of the said companies “what is the most important asset”, the answer would be almost unanimous: people.

There are no products if there aren’t people behind them, and Roy Taylor’s career was quite stellar – from founding NVIDIA Europe, The Way Its’ Meant To Be Played to first Tegra design wins with telecoms around the world. After leaving NVIDIA, we saw relatively unknown MasterImage 3D rising into the technical and mainstream press. Now, Roy’s job is to make Rightware a well-known brand.

This Futuremark spinoff may be creating and shipping its creations to Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG) or BMW, but the real challenge will be to enter one of “big-wigs” such as Samsung, Sony, HTC – you’ve guessed it right – smartphone and tablet makers. If you like in China, you can already enjoy their 3D interface for Android operating system made in cooperation with Konka, as well as some other designs we’re not able to publish at present.

Can Rightware become a household name or will the company end up being acquired by some player? There’s no answer. Just like Dave Perry’s Gaikai and its recent $380M acquisition by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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