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Rovio to publish third-party titles, opens Rovio Stars

Developer and publisher of uber popular franchise Angry Birds opens a new game division dubbed Rovio Stars to publish third party titles.

Creater of "Angry Birds" franchise Rovio Entertainment Ltd. has announced their new game division. Named Rovio Stars, this new division will handle publishing and development of third party mobile games. The company has been making all efforts to move beyond just game development, notably by launching their own animated series. Rovio's executive vice president Jame Leas said Rovio has “positioned itself as one of the powerhouses of mobile entertainment, so moving into publishing is a logical step for us at this point.” 

The company announced that their new Rovio Stars division will help users sift through the hundreds and thousands of apps and games and find ones that are up to the standard set by Rovio themselves. After establishing themselves as a major player in the mobile gaming sector (and moving into general mobile entertainment as well), the company's next big step will be the role of publisher.

“We want to help the developers to give these games that last coat of polish, publish the games and find their audience. We’re focusing on a small, select number of games, and each Rovio Stars launch will be an event of its own.” 

No specific details were given regarding how the agreement between third-party and Rovio Stars will go. Currently, there are two titles being actively developed under this program. 

  1. Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, by Nitrome Ltd.
  2. Tiny Thief, by 5 Ants

Hopefully we'll hear more about Rovio Stars as well as these (interesting) mobile titles soon.

Source: WSJ

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