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Rosewill RK-9000 Mechanical Keyboard

As we mentioned in the previous page, the only difference between the four RK-9000 models are the key switches. Rosewill offers the RK-9000 with Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Black and Red switches. We only could test the Red and Blue versions of the RK-9000; however, Black switches are identical to Red switches except they require more force and Brown switches are similar to Blue switches with their major difference being that they are not clicky.

As the color suggests, that’s a Cherry MX Blue switch. These are tactile switches, very precise and are considered to be exceptional for typing. With the actuation bump easily felt and an actuation point lower than the release point, the RK-9000 gives an outstanding feeling to typists.

The amount of force required to actuate the keys and their strong clicking noise strongly resemble an antique typewriter. This design is not ideal for gaming however, because the high release point frequently causes issues when trying to quickly re-actuate a key. Furthermore, the Cherry MX Blue switches are quite loud, which may annoy certain users (or the people who they may share a room with).

These obviously are the Cherry MX Red switches of the RK-9000RE model, the gaming model of the family. Cherry MX Red switches are entirely linear and require very little force to actuate, making them comfortable for long gaming hours.

The amount of force required to actuate a Cherry MX Red switch is nearly 2/3 of that required by Blue or Black switches. Gamers with stronger hands frequently prefer Cherry MX Black switches over the Red ones, which are identical except from the amount of force required to actuate a key. The Cherry MX Red is much quieter than the clicky Blue switch, making it ideal for everyday and gaming use, yet the lack of the tactile feel severely degrades the typing experience.

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