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Rosewill RK-9000 Mechanical Keyboard

Rosewill supplies the RK-9000 mechanical keyboards in classic, well made cardboard boxes. The artwork on the black/red box is minimalistic, focused on a picture of the keyboard itself. Data regarding the features of the keyboards is printed on the rear side of the box.

Inside the box the keyboard comes very neatly packed inside a soft nylon bag, separated from its bundle and protected by the thick walls of the cardboard box.

With each of the keyboards, the user will receive a small leaflet with the keyboard’s mechanical specifications and two cables, one for PS2 ports and one for USB ports. Both cables are sleeved. The difference between the two cables is that while USB supports up to 6 keys rollover, there is no such limitation over a PS2 connection and the keyboard may register all keystrokes simultaneously. Of course, no normal person can press 7 or more keys at once (deliberately), so the choice between PS2 and USB connection should only be a matter of preference. High quality braiding enhances the durability and aesthetics of both cables.

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