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Rockstar unveils a dozen new Grand Theft Auto V screens

Rockstar Games has delivered twelve new screenshots from their highly anticipated fifth chapter of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, depicting everything from ideal sunsets to high-speed chases.

Franklin inspects faraway ships as they make their way to port.

In a recent Google+ post, Rockstar Games has released twelve new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V that take players farther into the game's virtual playground of Los Santos by showing off impressive environments from all over the city.

Our three protagonists flee from the cops…again.

The new screenshots are entirely separate from last week's batch of leaked screens, and depict a variety of scenarios that show our triumvirate in many precarious situations–high-speed chases, heists, and undersea diving to name a few–as well as modeling many of the game's expansive array of vehicles.

Trevor and Michael go for some undersea diving, no doubt looking for precious treasure chests and doubloons in sunken ships.

The graphics and lighting are so pristine, giving a remarkable view of many of the game's locales, and even paints a superlative picture of the characters themselves; in the screenshot above, we're treated with another underwater snap that showcases the scuba diving suits as well as the aquatic environment, which looks to be quite realistic to say the least.

Franklin returns to the hood for some good old-fashioned drive-by action.

The new batch of images also capture Rockstar's traditional parody-infused flair, recreating some of the more iconic action sequences that made the Grand Theft Auto series one of the most beloved (and controversial) franchises in gaming history. The snapshots capture the game's signature open-world freedom by acquainting fans with Los Santos as a whole, painting it as a bustling and thriving world in itself with hundreds of areas to explore.

The visual splendor of soaring across the skies in your own private jet is recreated in the screens as well.

Coupled with the current array of images (including the leaked batch), Rockstar has delivered quite a few images to keep gamers excited for the game. Be sure to head on over to Rockstar's Google+ page to check out all of the screenshots.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated to release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information please visit the game's official website.

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