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Rockstar reveals GTA V’s massive online multiplayer world in debut gameplay trailer

GTA Online

Rockstar has struck again with yet another informative GTA V trailer, and this time they’re focusing on the lesser-known aspects of the game’s online multiplayer.

With Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games has revolutionized GTA’s online presence by creating an interactive battlefield that incorporates the sprawling landscape of Los Santos, giving gamers a huge playing ground to incur wrath upon.

What’s more is that GTA Online features the same sandbox-style freedom that parallels GTA V’s main campaign, offering players unique and near-limitless opportunities to wreak total havoc and mayhem as they see fit.

The online functionality isn’t just a deathmatch or basic co-op session with a linear string of missions, but a wholly interactive experience wherein gamers are affording with a plethora of options. Feel like teaming up with other players and robbing a bank? Go right ahead. Want to blow off some steam with some good old-fashioned base jumping? Have at it.

While GTA Online contains a huge offering of new and enhanced activities, it does sport classic multiplayer gametypes as well, allowing gamers to compete against one another in team deathmatch action among other preset modes.

GTA Online1

What’s more is the progression system for GTA Online, which goes hand-in-hand with successful heists, winning various gametypes, and pulling off missions and objectives. Players will earn reputation as well as cash, which can be spent to customize your very own character–hairstyles, outfits, even weapons and tricked out cars can be purchased with awarded cash.

Once you earn some real dough, you can spend it on a nice luxurious villa on the coast or a scenic apartment in downtown Los Santos. Are you the racing type? Why not spend your hard-earned blood money on a garage to keep your expensive imported sportscars–each tailored to your own specifications.

The trailer also reveals that gamers can race their vehicles across the streets of Los Santos as well as in the skies above in your very own aircraft, showing a variety of spending options that each have their own perks. Oh and if you love jet-skis (who doesn’t?) you can also slice across the crystal blue waters in a surprisingly detailed Wave-Runner-esque race.

These features have a nice RPG flair to them and honestly are quite impressive, underlining the entertaining elements that GTA V has to offer. Rockstar has some big plans for GTA Online, and will be rolling out updates to keep things fresh with new content–perhaps new missions, vehicles, weapons etc.

At a glance GTA Online looks to be one of the major defining features of GTA V, and a closer inspection brings any gamer on the edge of their seat with anticipation.

GTA Online2

The sheer volume of content and freedom that GTA Online brings to the table is staggering, and Rockstar’s amazing virtual playground will no-doubt be filled with millions of gamers cruising the streets of Los Santos in their customized rides–and of course those daredevils screaming across the skies in their jets, raining hellfire and destruction below with explosive missile barrages.

We may hear more about GTA Online and GTA V in the next few weeks or so (maybe a little something at Gamescom?) but so far Rockstar has showcased a steady influx of screenshots and footage to somewhat sate the massive anticipation for the game.

While GTA Online launches free with every copy of Grand Theft Auto V, access won’t be granted until October 1st…which is kind of disappointing but it makes sense as Rockstar has to prep the huge multiplayer experience.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated to release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information please visit the game’s official website.

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